AI-A Fessler’s BBQ Poem

Scovie Awards Fessler's BBQ 1st place

AI- A Fessler’s BBQ Poem? Thought I would give it a try today. Just for grins and giggles. I’ll have AI write a poem about BBQ sauce. I typed in this sentence for it to do its magic. “Write a poem about a Scovie Award winning BBQ sauce made with Michigan Honey and Apple cider vinegar.” That’s it, I gave AI no other clues. Within one minute (not even), a poem about our Fessler’s BBQ Sauce was created that fast. I’m blown away! I would have toiled for days writing something like this. And it probably wouldn’t have come out nearly as good. What do you think of AI- A Fessler’s BBQ Poem??

The sweetest honey from Michigan’s land,
And mixed with vinegar from apples so grand,
A sauce that’s won the Scovie award,
And leaves your taste buds feeling floored.

Fessler’s BBQ sauce is the name,
A flavor that’s won us great fame,
It’s honey sweet with a little smoke and heat,
A perfect sauce for grilled and smoked meat.

This sauce is gluten-free and all-natural too,
So, you can enjoy it without any rue,
It’s perfect for any barbecue dish,
And will leave you feeling quite delish.

So, next time you’re grilling up some meat,
Give Fessler’s BBQ sauce a treat,
You won’t be disappointed with the taste,
It’s a sauce that can never go to waste.


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