It’s Farmer’s Market Time

It’s Farmer’s Market Time! That special time each year where produce and plants are in abundance. This year with being in a pandemic for 12 months already, it will be a time of celebration and renewal as we head towards times that may be more like normal.

Every year the market season usually starts out a bit slow with the fresh produce consisting of cold crops and some hoop house tomatoes. Then suddenly we start getting all the goodness that nature has to offer.

Don’t forget though, markets also have artisan goods too. From soap, honey and granola, to baked goods and sauces. Many times there are also handcrafted items like home décor and crafts. Almost exclusively, they are locally made and can be purchased directly from the maker. So many delicious items to take home to try.

Brighton and Howell’s Farmer’s Markets starts the first weekend in May, 2021 It’s an exciting time for both the vendors and customers. It’s always a new beginning. A great time to get out of the house and socially distance, but be around people. Catch up with neighbors and friends and of course bring home locally made goods from the vendors who work so hard to gather all their products.

Fessler’s will be at three Farmer’s Markets this year. We will be regulars at the Saturday Brighton Farmers Market and The Sunday Howell Farmer’s Market. We also are going to be at the Thursday afternoon Westside Ann Arbor’s Market. That Market doesn’t begin until July 8th, 2021 and the market is held in the parking lot of Zingerman’s Roadhouse. Of course, when we say regulars, we typically mean good weather vendors. We really hate standing out in the rain.

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