I Googled myself and found nothing!

Years ago, while at the restaurant Chili’s, I got a coaster with my drink. The coaster read, “I Googled myself and found nothing” That saying resonated with me and I went home and tried to Google myself. It was right! I found nothing!

Boy, have times changed. Now if I Google myself or our business, I find more stuff than I knew was out there. And surprise, surprise, I do not have to go home to do it. Today, I decided to look at the Google images for Fessler’s Sauce. I came across this image from 2014.

This was posted by a Michigan_Jason on the with this comment :
“I love the Fessler’s sauce on wings, and basically anything fried.”

What I love about this image is our mustard sauce was put up against some of the best BBQ sauces in Michigan. Now 5 years later, I’m positive our Fessler’s Original Sauce is still up there with the greats, but what that 2014 picture doesn’t tell you is we now have a BBQ sauce too. In 2015, we added Fessler’s BBQ Sauce and its now google-able too! Try to google yourself or Fessler’s…I’m sure you’ll misplace a couple hours in the process and maybe you’ll find a review or two!

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