Frank’s Tavern is gone, the sauce lives on with Fessler’s

The Former Frank's Tavern, before demolition
Frank’s Tavern- an iconic Fish and Chips Restaurant in Fenton, MI

Frank’s Tavern is gone. From time to time, we get calls about the Tavern. People will ask us whether it is still open, reminisce with us about all the good times they had at Frank’s Tavern and whether we’ll open another restaurant. I came across this article about the demolition of the Tavern. I thought I would share it.

It’s always sad when a restaurant closes, especially if it was beloved by so many people and had decades of repeat customers and great food. But all is not lost. Steve and Julie Fessler have bottled that great taste for all to enjoy.

Frank’s Tavern lives on with the great taste of Fessler’s Original Mustard Sauce. Yes, it is the same recipe that was used for over 80 years at the tavern. Yes, you can purchase it and re-create that same sweet and tangy flavor on your fish, salmon, fries etc. that was savored by so many.

Lastly, as to the question of opening another restaurant. I can flat out tell you, NO Thank You. But thanks for asking.


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  1. Vicki Lathrop

    My grand parent were the owners to Frank’s Tavern since 1945 to 1982 Marge (Evelyn) Nicholls. I was wondering if I could place an order for the sauces?

    1. julie

      Of course, our website is open for orders. Or you are always welcome to call 810-844-1467

  2. Ken elrich

    Hey Steve! Sure do miss working for you in that tiny building! ? I see the new owners are reopening on Thompson rd in October. Frank’s Tavern was a great experience and you always kept me busy with 40 plus hours a week while I was in high school.
    Miss you guys!

  3. Linda Jones

    Julie. This is Linda Jones with my dad’s butterflies, from the Howell farmers market. I just wanted to let you know that I love your corny black bean salsa. I’m VERY impressed with it. God bless and I hope you have great success with your company

    1. julie

      Thank you Linda-We are super happy that you liked it!

  4. Mike Wallace

    Looking for fish sauce

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