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  1. Kathy fessler Thomas

    Ok here is what my dad told me is that my great grandfather was married twice and her name is wihlomina and she had 12children my grandfather is john Arthur fessler and his wife is lily and there kids are barb,jack,and Richard and Ian related to Richard my great grandpas family is scattered all over from California to oaklahoma Colorado and Tennessee also

  2. Kathy fessler Thomas

    Great grandfather was Charles

    1. Kathy fessler thomas

      Also great grandpa fessler worked for the fisher plant in Pontiac also the Mahlon’s had a butcher shop in union lake years ago

  3. julie

    Just spoke with another Julie Fessler from Florida. Seems kinda weird when someone has your same name! Especially when its not a JR. or SR.

    1. Julie Fessler

      I am the Julie Fessler in Florida. My sister is Kathy Fessler Anthony who lives in Idaho. Small world.

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