The Saucy Story

The Frank's Tavern Tradition continues... "Get Sauced with Fesslers"

Since the early 1920’s, Fessler’s Original Sauce has been enjoyed by fish and seafood lovers throughout Michigan. Fisherman would bring their fresh catch to Frank’s Tavern, a small speakeasy located on the shores of Lake Ponemah. Their catch would be prepared, served with fries, slaw and the “Fish Sauce also know as Fessler’s Original Sauce.” As the years went by, paintings such as this one (bottom left) were displayed all over Frank’s Tavern in Fenton, MI. Legend has it that long ago, this unknown artist traded his painting for dinners at the tavern. (Now that’s truly a starving artist!)

Right:  Steve Fessler behind the bar at Frank’s Tavern.  1984-2006
Top:  Frank’s Tavern – Fenton, MI 1929-2009

Chapter 2

The Second Chapter in our story took us on the spice trail for our foodie friends. So we introduced four Spice Blend/Rubs that we know you will enjoy! Café with roasted coffee, Baja with flavors of the Mexican Border, Oriental with a Far East influence, and or BBQ Blend with classic flavors of the backyard BBQ.

Chapter 3

Our BBQ sauce is award winning!  We are sure you’ll enjoy this all natural, no preservative sauce.  It’s made with Michigan Honey and apple cider vinegar and it’s so darn good!

Chapter 4

“Bring on the party!”  That’s what our salsas say.  Open a jar, grab some chips and let the party begin.  Four flavors – mild and hot tomato salsa, peach and cherry too!  Occasionally, we’ll have a seasonal flavor.  Ask about our Blueberry Salsa!