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Sauce, Salsa's and Spice Rubs-Oh My!

It's a party in a box! It's a great gift! It's delicious!
Price: from $38.75
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Best Value-Fessler's Sauces and Rubs Gift Box

This is the best value of all of our gifts! Here are the goods. First you'll get both of our sauces: Fessler's Original Sauce and Fessler's BBQ Sauce. Plus all 4 of the Fessler's fantastic flavorful handcrafted spice blend/rubs; Baja, Oriental, Café and Classic BBQ rub. Packaged conveniently and ready for gifting. Ready to ship More Info »
Price: $40.00$38.00

Fessler's BBQ Sauce Buy 5 Get One Free

Our BBQ Sauce is just that special! With its Michigan Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar, it's hard to keep it in the house. With that in mind, we are fully ready to offer you, "Buy 5 Get One Free." You'll be fully stocked, and there will be no fear of running out. (until you get More Info »
Price: $45.00$37.50

Fessler's Original Sauce Buy 5 Get 1 Free!

So now we're guessing, you must really like our sauce. Infact, you like it so much you decided to buy six bottles. You'll probably keep a few for yourself or just maybe... you'll unveil it, in all it's glory at your next fish fry, crab boil, clambake, lobster roast or BBQ. Just sayin', 'cause that's More Info »
Price: $45.00$37.50

Fessler's Sauce and Spice Gift Box

Looking for a gift for that hard to buy for person...then look no further. This gift box contains all handcrafted, delicious Michigan Made items! Includes: Fessler's famous award winning Original Sauce and a squeeze bottle to put it in, plus a wonderful variety of Fessler's Spice Blends to make every meal amazing. (BBQ, Baja, Café and Oriental) Plus, we've More Info »
Price: $35.50$32.50

Fessler's Spice Blend Gift Box Set

WOW LOOK AT THIS! Your tongue will be waggin' with 4 fantastic Spice Blend flavors in one convenient gift box. BAJA, BBQ, CAFE and ORIENTAL spice blends. Baja- works wonders on ribs, chicken and corn with it's sweet beginning and slight heat pulling up the rear.BBQ-classic bbq smokey flavors enhance all meats, use in combination More Info »
Price: $24.00

Fessler's BBQ Sauce and Spice Box

Looking for a little something to give the cook on your gift list. Well look no further! Our small gift box includes; Our amazing BBQ Sauce made with Michigan Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar and two spice blend rubs; Baja Handcrafted Rub and our Classic BBQ Blend Rub.
Price: $21.25

Fessler's Original Sauce and Spice Box

Venturing out doesn't need to be scary with Fessler's Original Sauce and Spice Gift box. Our Scovie Award Winning Mustard sauce is sure to please just about everyone, especially those who love mustard! Plus your culinary adventure is just beginning with two of our spice blends: Café Spice Rub and Oriental Spice Rub. Café-inspired by More Info »
Price: $21.25

Fessler's BBQ Sauce (3 Bottles)

Three bottles is just perfect! You have been waiting for a bbq sauce that is all natural and tastes great too! Ours does just that- because we make it with sweet, local Michigan Honey and apple cider vinegar. So, we have conveniently made a package of three for you to purchase, so you always have More Info »
Price: $22.50$21.00

Fessler's Original Sauce (3 Bottles)

By now you have been reading about the sauce and you realize that you have been waiting for a sauce like this. Or you have fallen in love with this stuff and you realize that one bottle just won't do. So, we have conveniently made a package of three for you to purchase so you More Info »
Price: $22.50$21.00

Salsa Gift Box-Mix and Match

You pick the Salsa's. We have four to choose from. Hot Summer (tomato), Mild Summer (tomato), Medium Cherry and Mild Peach. Select 2 and we'll box them up. Great things do come in pairs!
Price: from $18.00
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Fessler's BBQ and Original Sauce Combo

Both sauces are great and you can't decide...Oh heck, get them both!
Price: $15.00

Fessler's Peach Salsa

Best Seller! Pure Peach makes this salsa delish. We didn't mix this with any other fruit; No tomatoes added here. Try on Salmon, Pork or Chicken. A block of cream cheese covered in Peach Salsa makes a perfect cracker spread. (16oz Jar)
Price: $8.75$8.25

Fessler's Cherry Salsa

Tart Michigan Cherries make this salsa sweet with medium heat. Great on Pork, Chicken or Fish. Also good on Chicken Quesadilla, Block of Cream Cheese and straight out of the jar. (16oz)
Price: $8.75$8.25

Fessler's Mild Summer Salsa

Fessler's Mild Salsa has a great flavor with what most say is a "Little Kick." Great of course for dipping chips, but add it to a meltable cheese for a Queso Dip. (16oz jar)
Price: $8.00

Fessler's Hot Summer Salsa

Some like it HOT! Well we have a hot summer salsa for you with fantastic flavor. (16oz jar)
Price: $8.00

Fessler's BBQ Sauce (1 Bottle)

Our BBQ sauce is awesome! It's made with Apple Cider Vinegar and pure Michigan Honey! It's honey sweet with a little smoke and heat. As with our other products, it's all natural and contains no preservatives. It's gluten free too! Perfect for all of your grilling needs. Slather some on your pulled pork, ribs and More Info »
Price: $7.50

Fessler's Original Sauce (1 Bottle)

This is the sauce you have been waiting for. Tantalize your taste buds. Just try it...Mikey liked it! This Original sauce won 1st Place in the 2017 Scovie Award's Condiments - Not Hot & Spicy - Mustard Category and 2nd Place in the same category in the 2016 Scovie Awards!
Price: $7.50

Fessler's Baja Blend Spice Rub

Inspired by the flavors of Mexico. Your taste journey begins with Fessler's handcrafted blended spice rub-Baja. Use generously on Ground Beef, Chicken, Rice, Corn or make a dip by mixing into Sour Cream or Cream Cheese. Sprinkle on Tortillas and make homemade chips. Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Cumin, Chili Powder, Paprika, Mexican Oregano, Kosher Salt, Chipotle, More Info »
Price: $6.00

Fessler's BBQ Blend Spice Rub

Just in time for the grilling season. This Classic American BBQ Blend Spice Rub will enhance the smokey flavors of grilled or smoked meats. Perfect for those who like dry rubs or use in combination with our BBQ Sauce, for that 2 part wow! Great on Ribs, Chicken, Burgers and more. Use generously as a More Info »
Price: $6.00

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