Fessler’s Smoked White Fish Dip

Fessler's White Fish Dip


    Smoked White Fish, approx. 1/4 lb,
    4 oz. Cream Cheese
    1/3 Jar Mezzetta Brand-Roasted Red Peppers & Caramelized Onions-chopped
    1 Tbs. Fessler’s Original Sauce + some for top
    Green onion sliced thin for garnish (the green part)


    Debone white fish carefully and place most of it in a bowl with the softened cream cheese. Reserve some for top.
    Chop roasted peppers and onions, add half to bowl and reserve half for garnish.
    Add 1 Tbs. of Fessler’s to the bowl. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.
    Slice green onions for garnish.
    Place on serving plate and garnish with reserved white fish, roasted peppers, scallions and top with more Fessler’s to taste.
    Serve with crackers of your choice, or vegetables.

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