Michigan Habanero Hot Sauce-Salsa-Rub Trio| Fessler’s Sauce


Michigan Made Habanero Hot Sauce

Some like it hot! We prefer it hot and sinfully flavorful. Try our latest addition to our line-up. Use our habanero hot sauce for a delightfully devilish treat on everything. 5 oz bottle

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Michigan Habanero Hot Sauce trio from Fessler’s is here! Our Devils Spoonful Habanero Hot Sauce is a habanero hot sauce that is a must have on the flavor scale, and one that is worth trying. Our four pepper sauce will add a nice kick to all your food, fingers, tongue etc! The hot summer jalapeno salsa is the perfect balance between sweet and heat for those crunchy tortilla chips or tacos. Use the Baja as a taco, chicken or vegetable seasoning to round out the flavor of any dish. Truly, you won’t be disappointed!



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