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Some like it hot! We prefer it hot and sinfully flavorful. Try our latest addition to our line-up. Use our Habanero hot sauce for a delightfully devilish treat on everything. 5 oz bottle


Hot Sauce is here and we’re shouting it out to everyone we know. Our Devils Spoonful Habanero Hot Sauce is one Award Winning spicy sauce you’ll just have to try. It will add a nice kick to all your food, fingers, tongue etc. But it’s not just all heat, there’s lots of flavor too! We’ve combined three great peppers to make any chili head wanting for more of this sinful flavor. It’s the pepper sauce zing you’ve been waiting for.

Use this devilish sauce on all of your favorite foods; Wings, Pizza, Soups/Stews/Chili, Sandwiches or Burgers, add to sauces or marinades.

Try this sauce on eggs, potatoes, barbecue and grilled seafood. Really, if you like the flavor, you’ll use it on everything.  Get yours today! It’s the perfect addition to any sauce collection and makes a great gift. It is available in a 5 oz bottle.

Devils Spoonful sauce contains no artificial flavor. It’s low in sodium, has no preservatives, is gluten free and it has all natural ingredients, plus it is super low in calories too. (Infact it only has 60 calories) What more can you ask for in a hot sauce?

2021 Scovie Award Winner-2nd place-Louisiana Style Hot Sauce


1 review for Hot Sauce -Fessler’s Devils Spoonful

  1. Elijah H

    The best habanero hot sauce I’ve ever had. Tastes great with with some long lasting heat.

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