BBQ Blend Spice Rub-Fessler’s Backyard Classic


Just in time for the grilling season.


BBQ Blend Spice Rub- a backyard American classic will enhance the smokey flavors of grilled or smoked meats and nothing makes the most out of smoking and grilling like a dry rub. Use it in combination with our award-winning BBQ Sauce, for that 2-part wow! Great on Ribs, Chicken and more. Use generously as a rub on meats or sprinkle on corn-on-the-cob, potato salad or cottage cheese. Use this BBQ Blend Spice Rub in marinades or sprinkle it on poultry, steak, burgers, shrimp or vegetables before grilling to add delicious depth and irresistible flavor. The complexity and subtle flavors of our Classic BBQ Spice Rub will complement whatever food it graces. However, it will make the same old, same old taste new again. This rub will give you that beautiful red color on the outside you’re looking for. It will take your BBQ to a whole new amped up level.

Our Premium Ingredients include Cane Sugar, Paprika, Garlic Salt, Celery Salt, Onion Salt, Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Sage, Thyme, Dry Mustard, Chili Powder, Turmeric & just a pinch of Cayenne. (That cayenne brings that little bit of heat you were looking for.) Handcrafted in small batches.

All Natural/No Preservatives/Gluten Free

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