Fessler’s Salsa’s are here!

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Just when you thought we couldn’t come up with another delicious product…we did! Fessler’s is proud to introduce our line of Salsa’s. We now carry Cherry Salsa, Peach Salsa and a mild and hot tomato salsa. Our all natural salsa is a perfect snack on a hot summer night. (Of course I’m writing this in August) We have used the Peach and Cherry Salsa on pork tenderloin, Salmon and cream cheese. All with amazing results. Try our salsas…you’ll be glad you did.

How does your current BBQ Sauce Stack up?

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What’s the first ingredient in your BBQ Sauce? Dare to Compare?

There’s a good chance it’s High Fructose Corn Syrup. Take two popular brands in the market place for a side by side comparison and that’s exactly what you’ll find. Fessler’s is proud of the fact that we only use natural ingredients. Read our label…honestly you can pronounce every ingredient.

Wholesome ingredients do make a difference!!

Looking For Johnny Secreto BBQ Sauce?

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Are you searching for the Craft BBQ Sauce and Spice Blends that Johnny Secreto Foods used to make? Well your search is over. Fessler’s Sauces bought the beloved recipes from John Coram of Secreto Foods, a little over 2 years ago. Fessler’s BBQ Sauce is still made the same way Johnny did it. They use the same recipe, the same co-packer and Fessler’s even adopted the same philosophy of small batches, all handcrafted.

So if you are missing the flavor of Secreto’s Craft BBQ Sauce, it can be had again with Fessler’s. Fessler’s BBQ Sauce-Honey Sweet with a little smoke and heat is still made with locally sourced Michigan Honey and co-packed in Warren, MI.

As for the four spice blends; they are still handcrafting all of the spice blends in small batches too. The spice blends are all made in a commercial kitchen in Howell, MI. The names have changed but the flavor remains the same. Here’s the rundown of new names:

Sultan’s Gold is now Fessler’s Oriental Spice Blend
Expresso Especial is now Fessler’s Café Spice Blend
Backyard Classic is now Fessler’s BBQ Spice Blend
Mexicallia is now Fessler’s Baja Spice Blend

Look for all of these items at local retailers. If your retailer does not carry them, you can always ask the management to do so.

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